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Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing

Bright Bridge Studios employs search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing services to improve your site's effectiveness as an online marketing tool.

We take a no-nonsense approach to SEO, making  sure that your web content is optimized according to clear data and the results of thorough research. This begins with comprehensive keyword research. We identify the most valuable keyword territories for your business. We then implement proven content and coding techniques that can effectively position your site under targeted searches. This increases the likelihood that it will be found by the right audience.


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Changing Technology

The rules and algorithms that govern how search engines work change frequently and without warning. That’s why we stay current with the major search engines and make sure that our methods are in accordance with the best practices at any given time.

We Keep it Clean

We use only white hat techniques for search engine optimization. This means that we focus on optimization strategies and methods that focus on a human audience and we avoid any practice that could get your site disqualified.

Real Data, Not Assumptions

We subscribe to advanced research tools that provide us real population search data. We're not guessing or speculating about the keywords that will work for you.

A Hands-On Approach

We work with you to create compelling content that will draw in high quality traffic. We also edit copy, meta data, microformats and supporting content to accurately reflect the results of our research.

Direct Submissions

We submit your site directly to the search engines and directories to ensure accuracy. This approach is preferable to simply waiting around for a search engine bot to come and index your site.

Internet Marketing Services

We specialize in organic search optimization but we also offer additional services such as cost-per-click (CPC) campaign management, strategic, search-specific content targeting, web traffic analysis and inbound marketing.

Google Analytics Company

Get Local with SEO

If your business is oriented towards local customers, then you need to be found across so many local review sites. Having accurate information, in so many key places, is vital to driving traffic into your business.  Let us help you navigate the labyrinth of local search websites, so that you can be found by people using their favorite devices and apps.

Google Analytics Company

Managed Google AdWords Campaigns

Do you need help managing a Google AdWords campaign? Are you having trouble keeping up with all of the options available in their everchanging mangement interface.   Our SEO team will help you target high quality traffic to help you retain and convert them into returning patrons.  We will work with you to establish a long term strategy aimed at getting the most out of your daily ad budget.

Google Analytics Company

Google Analytics Analysis

Are you having trouble making sense of all the data that your website generates?  It is easy to understand how you might be overwhelmed by this new era of big data.   Bright Bridge can help you establish a path forward using the most critical data about your site users and site usage more generally.  See what ideas seem to attract and mainatin visitors and create new content options based on yor most popular content.  We have tons of ideas that will help you turn the numbers into loyal site users who talk about an diseminate your content around the world.