“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”
– Victor Hugo

Great web applications make complicated tasks seem effortless. They unlock creativity and allow people to add value to their lives in countless ways.



Have a great idea for an app? We can help you turn it into a bona fide enterprise.

Maybe you’ve been watching your staff do things a certain way and then one day, Bam! it comes to you; you see a better way. They could be better, faster, more thorough, track better, enjoy their work more, help more customers, learn faster. Whatever it is, we can design and build a web app to help you accomplish your goals.

We are expert Stage One developers. We know the pieces, protocols, and procedures that you need to take your dream from inspiration to enterprise. We help refine the user experience as we prototype your app. We design your infrastructure, load test, security test, and then take you through launch and early stage growth.

How to Launch Your Very Own App

4  Fantastic Reasons to Build a Web Application


Big Bang for Your Buck

Custom web apps are a cost-effective solution compared to off-the-shelf software that requires per-seat licensing. The relatively low cost of a Bright Bridge web application gives anyone who wishes to create an online service the opportunity to custom-build a useful piece of software that could enhance the lives of people all over the world.

Convenient Access 24/7/365

Web apps allow access from nearly any internet-connected device. Users can use your app with one eye and one thumb while they're preparing dinner. Application administrators and content managers can manage the app remotely at any time of the day or night. Every interaction is streamlined and made as efficient as possible.

The Potential for Growth

We can help you build a strategy for growth, then fine tune it to appeal to your target audience(s.When your web app becomes its own profit center, we make sure it can scale quickly to meet your needs by employing well-tested code on robust cloud servers that expand as activity and traffic increases. You'll be prepared for success.

The Power of the API

Application Programming Interfaces provide useful data that apps can call upon as a resource. Our websites and applications routinely use APIs to provide users with information about drug interactions, real estate listings, GPS coordinates and more. We know how to leverage the power of APIs and add real value to your web application.


The Countdown to Launching Your Brand New Web Application



Nurture the Idea

We help you conceive and refine your idea using the lenses of feasibility, user culture, marketability, and mission effectiveness. We "catch your inspiration."


Create the Strategy

We help you suss out and build a strategy that can flow into a business plan, whether you are aiming for a public market or an internal corporate market. Now you have a solid plan.


Map the App

We sketch out a virtual version of your app so you can mentally experience it end to end before committing to programming and design. Now you have a plan, and a map.


Lay the Foundation

We research, plan, and design the appropriate network and server infrastructure to deploy and maintain your app. We’ll launch it, maintain it, and scale it for you too. Now you have a foundation and a scaffolding for your new app.


Give It a Brand

It's time to consider how you would like to brand your app, if you haven't done so already. We can work with you to determine an effective name and a visual identity for your enterprise. The look and feel of the app's interface will be an extension of this overarching brand. Now you have chosen paint colors and you are ready to build.


Code the App

We make a pot of strong coffee, then our designers and programmers begin coding your app. We start with the public-facing page views, followed by your password-protected app management system. We integrate your app with a database and/or an API where we can store and manipulate data used by the app. We fully test any ecommerce components and payment gateways. Now it’s getting real.


Test It Thoroughly

We enter placeholder data to test the site, then subject each process in the newborn app to a full array of functional tests, security tests, load tests, and user tests. When everything passes, we remove the sample data and the Bright Bridge team gives each other crisp high fives.



Launch it!

We add some actual content, and/or some initial users to start the process. We connect your app to your domain name(s) and you’re in business. Time to grow your list of active users. It's also a good time to print those business cards.