We've got ideas,
not templates.

We work hard to make sure your website works properly, looks great, and is easy to use.


What's under the hood?

Compliance Standards

Bright Bridge websites are built according to HTML5 and W3C standards. They have been tested in all modern browsers from iOS Safari to Internet Explorer. There's something about clean, standards-compliant code that makes us feel good.

Responsive Design

We believe in the power of responsive design. Virtually all of the websites and applications we build employ responsive design techniques that allow elements on the page (photos, text, boxes) to adapt to the width of a device or browser window.

The Right Platform

Should you use the Wordpress platform, Drupal, Squarespace, or some other? We can help you explore the options of upgrading your current site on your existing platform or switching to another platform that may better suit your needs.

Top Notch Plugins & Modules

We have built many custom applications, modules and plugins over the years. We have also vetted many Wordpress plugins and know how to find those that are well-tested and well-supported. We can help you figure out an appropriate long-term solution.

Content Management System

We've used many different content management systems. We've even built our own CMS. We can provide support, training, videos and other resources to give you and your staff greater control over the various aspects of your website.


We offer Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for E-commerce applications and for any site that needs extra security. We understand the security requirements of specific sectors such as banking, health, and education. We can help make compliance a breeze.

Custom Development

The most important features of a site often require custom programming in order to function properly. For example, you may need flat-rate shipping for only certain products in your online store. Our development team will make sure everything is just right.


Our latest sites and applications natively support screen reader technology for the visually impaired with entry fields for tags and titles that describe important elements and ignore nonessential ones using industry standard markup.

Collaboration Icon

Professional Collaboration

We play well with others. Many of our clients may employ a third-party designer, or they may be designers themselves. We can turn your design into a fully-functional, responsive website.

Let's talk about how we could lend a hand to your next project with design, development, search engine optimization, and other services.

WordPress Icon

Using WordPress and Other Services

We pay serious attention to all components of your web project. One of the first components in the planning phase is deciding which platform to use.

Using WordPress
The advantages of using WordPress are obvious. It offers a large community of users and many great, responsive design themes. One big advantage of using Wordpress is the vast index of Wordpress Plugins that can add a huge array of different capabilities to your website. Another advantage is that many people are already familiar with the WordPress interface. It's become one of the most widely used web platforms ever.

Using a Third-Party Service like Squarespace
DIY services like Squarespace are great for basic, entry-level web sites such as personal portfolios, vacation sites, wedding sites and other instances with simple requirements. They look good, they are affordable, but their options for expanded functionality or custom development can be limited. We can help minimize the frustration while maximizing the possibilities.

Bright Bridge Studios Content Management System Icon

Using The Bright Bridge Studios Codebase

We have evolved our own custom codebase over the years to be a lighter-footprint alternative to heavy systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, which by intent attempt to be all things to all users. We have developed a content management system that allows us to easily customize all aspects of a clients' site, including ecommerce modules and other custom features.

Our codebase offers a simple-to-use Content Management System in a security-conscious package. We have designed and built this system from the ground up and we can adapt it to be anything that you need. We’ve used it to build simple, inexpensive sites for clients, and have also adapted it to build extensive, complex enterprises.

Shield Icon

Proven Security

We are the creators of Hack at It, where hackers from all over the globe attempt to breach the walls and ramparts of our codebase for cash prizes. We're happy to report that no one has been able to hack it yet.

API Integration Icon

API Integration

APIs and other dynamic data sets can provide websites and web applications with catalogs of data: real estate listings, drug interactions, and more. Custom integration with an API allows your users to search and view this information. This is the process we've used to build many real estate and realtor websites that organize and present searchable catalogs of real estate listings.

Twitter Bootstrap and Responsive Design Icon

Twitter Bootstrap and Responsive Design

Our codebase (and many of our favorite WordPress themes) use a framework called Bootstrap that was created by developers at Twitter. It's a responsive framework that includes an impressive array of great tools such as pop-up modals, accordion menus, slideshows, responsive video, and more. All of this functionality is supported by a huge community, it's responsive and it works on any device. The best part is that it's baked into virtually all of our sites.