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 Our Specialties


 Website Design & Development

We take special pride in knowing that Bright Bridge websites and apps correspond to the current industry best practices. Each of our sites and applications are responsive and built using modern coding methods that support HTML5, jquery and bootstrap.

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 Web Applications

One of our goals is to help creative people with ideas for useful web apps realize their visions. We have the knowledge and experience to transform your idea into a fully functional web application that adds value to the lives of people that use it.

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 Search Engine Optimization

Turn your site into an effective marketing tool. We use white hat methods to identify valuable keyword territories for your organization, then implement this research using proven techniques that can position your site under targeted searches.

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 Additional Services

We are often called upon to do things beyond the scope of our core services. We enjoy flexing our muscles in other areas such as consultation, content creation and logo design. The Bright Bridge team has a diverse set of skills that set us apart.

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We’re not your average web shop.



We're more like a corner store than a big superstore. When you call us, you will speak to an actual human, often the same human that is working on your project. We pride ourselves on being available to our clients, not to mention downright friendly.


Bright Bridge is a ragtag group of kindhearted web specialists who love what we do. We sincerely want to help our clients reach their ideal business goals. This isn't just rhetoric. We feel personally invested in the success of each client's enterprise.


We're a small company that moves quickly (more like a speedboat than a battleship). This makes it easier and faster for us to to make decisions, communicate complex ideas and adapt to changing technology. Having a compact team also keeps our overhead nice and low so we can pass that savings along to our clients.


Although we're a small team, we have the capacity to do a lot of different tasks and do them well. That includes web design, application development, search engine optimization, logo design, content strategy and lots more. You don't need to hire different companies to get everything done right.

Full of Ideas

Bright Bridge can help you figure out the best  way to bring your project to life. You might need a custom solution or you might be able to leverage a third-party service. Either way, we can deliver something that suits your brand and gets results without breaking the bank.


Environmentally Friendly

We're very concerned about the dangers of climate change. That's why we have purchased enough carbon offsets since 2009 to balance out the energy needed to fuel our cars and our servers. When we host your site or app, the energy that makes it work is clean and green.