Q: What does Bright Bridge specialize in?

A: BrightBridge specializes in translating problems, challenges, and needs into technology solutions. Our platform of choice is web-based software, most often leveraging cloud technology. The majority of the time we build and deploy the solutions that we design, though we can also consult and create designs for others to implement.

Q: Will Bright Bridge build us a basic website?

A: Yes. That’s how we started more than a decade and a half ago, and while we’ve evolved to produce wider-reaching, complex web applications, our favorite thing remains working with good people. If you need a basic website, we’re happy to design, build, and host it for you.

Q: Does Bright Bridge use WordPress?

A: When a project calls for WordPress, we enjoy working with that platform. We are fluent in the advantages as well as the pitfalls of using WordPress, and since we’ve created our own high-performance, high security WordPress alternative from the ground up, we understand the fine details of how WordPress (as well as other website platforms) works. We freely share the knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated on this topic and can help you make the best choice for your needs.

Q: What’s the deal with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Does Bright Bridge offer SEO services?

A: Operating a web site without quality Search Engine Optimization is like paddling a canoe with your hands. It’s possible, but we don’t advise it. Our search engine specialist (one of our company owners since 2005) is also an anthropologist (understands those human behaviors), spent his early career building optimization tools for one of the nation’s most prominent search engine companies, and maintains a careful study of best practices and the major search engines. Yes, it’s a quality paddle, and it will make your canoe go much faster and farther with less effort.

Q: What are the advantages of working with Bright Bridge?

A: We created Bright Bridge from the start to be nimble and flexible so that we could dive deeply into technology projects while being responsive to entrepreneurs and businesses with big ideas and small budgets. The result is that you get our personal focus, best ideas, and an efficient project delivered through a process custom designed for your circumstances and needs.

Q: Does Bright Bridge provide web hosting?

A: Yes, we operate a group of web servers configured specifically to host our high-performance web sites and applications. We also establish and manage server groups and single servers for systems that require their own server setups. Additionally, we provide shared hosting tuned for WordPress sites for our WordPress projects. Call us for more details.

Q: Does Bright Bridge provide Email service?

A: We provide consulting and setup assistance to help you establish email service for your domain with a reputable email provider. As of 2011, we no longer operate our own mail servers. We made this decision in order to combat the “spamscape” in the world of global email and blacklists. When it comes to email quality in service, we’ve come to believe in strength in size (who blacklists Google or Godaddy?).

Q: How much does a website cost?

A: The answer we often hear from our clients is “less than I expected.” Moore’s Law (that the computing power to cost ratio doubles every 12 - 18 months) is applicable to more than just integrated circuits. Exponential growth factors are at work on network effected tools, crowd-sourced libraries, ideas, practices, and user communities too. This means, in a nutshell, that you can get more web technology for less cost than you could five years ago. We have more technology to work with, which means you have more possibilities. Don’t be afraid. Call us.

Q: How long does a website take to build?

A: That varies so widely that we prefer to answer that once we know more about your project. Call us!

Q: Will Bright Bridge help us with our content?

A: Yes, we'd love to. You can hire us to author, edit, install, analyze, and/or optimize your content. Many of our clients supply their own content, and ultimately, one of the points and advantages of our 'content-managed' websites is that it is easy for you to manage and control your content anytime and from anywhere. You probably have a business or organization to run, however, and creating content may not fit nicely into your schedule or your staff's schedule. We can help with that. You also get the benefit of our years of experience communicating with a variety of audiences through this medium.

Q: Will you work with our designer?

A: Yes. No problem. We're collaborators used to filling a variety of roles. We work with individuals, agencies, marketing departments, start-ups, non-profits, schools, and more. We understand business protocols, partnerships, privacy, etiquette, HIPPA, information and data security, and professional conduct. You can be confident bringing us in to work with your people.

Q: What if we're not located near you?

A: Time and distance present no barriers. We frequently work across international boundaries and time zones.

Q: I know we need a website (because everyone has one, right?) but how do we get a return on our investment?

A: The answer is simple, but (you’ve already guessed it) the devil is in the details. You get your value out of a website (or any software system for that matter) through the use of a strategy that includes a sustainable system. How much value and how much ROI? That depends on the quality of your strategy and the strength and efficiency of its system. If you already have such a strategy, terrific, let’s get building. If not, let us put our brain power on that for you first.

Q: We’ve had our website for seven years and it still works. Why should we do a re-design?

A: If your website looks and behaves like it was built a long time ago, you’re probably not sending the optimal message to your audience, and likely not getting the value from the site that you should be. Internet user habits, culture, expectations, and preferences have grown right along with the Internet itself. It literally pays to keep up by measuring, asking questions, analyzing, and adapting. If you feel lost or unsure, let us help you with an ample dose of clarity. Let’s talk. Call us.

Q: Will you register a domain name for us?

A: We counsel our clients to own and control their domain names. We are happy to assist you in selecting and registering a domain name. We can then help you put it to its maximum use (we’re really good at that). If you have a compelling reason why you would like someone other than yourself to own and control your domain name, we’re here to listen.

Q: I have a $10 million dollar idea, will you build it for me for 5% of my new company?

A: We love to talk about great ideas. We’ve also done the tech and strategy lifting for a few start-ups and new enterprises over the years. We can give you some perspective on the process and will be candid with you about our perception of the strength of your idea. If you have a solid business plan with believable pro formas and a well thought-through action plan, we may even be able to help connect you with capital partners. As always, we’re here to listen. And, very importantly, your ideas are safe with us!

Q: What is Bright Bridge Studios best at?

A: Helping people and technology get along. Along with technical expertise, we place a premium on emotional intelligence. Over the past decade and a half, we’ve learned that robust technical solutions are only worth half as much as they could be without a deep and clear understanding of the audiences, operators, and other stakeholders associated with your website, online service, software system, or whatever your technical project may be. Having learned this, we spend as much research and training time on ninja stuff (human dynamics, communication, responsiveness ) as on Mr. Spock stuff (coding practices, libraries, new tools, new tech).